William Maker Drive

Client Information

Duration: March 2020 - November 2020
Value: $6.5M+
Location: Orange


Scope of Work:

  • Location and protection of public utilities
  • Identification and protection of all survey marks, including both permanent survey marks and cadastral survey marks which may be affected by the works
  • Establishment of traffic control devices including traffic management plans and management of traffic through the work area/s
  • Establishment of a tree protection zone around any tree/s within the work area which have not been identified for removal
  • Construction and maintenance of temporary erosion and sediment controls to contain material excavated from the natural ground or disturbed by the construction works
  • Co-ordination of works with other contractors including utility authorities
  • Installation of utility conduits where noted in the Drawings or otherwise required
  • Installation of new street lighting including infrastructure linking lights to the power network and disconnection and removal of redundant street lighting infrastructure
  • Relocation of existing stone column, wingwalls and entry gate for the Botanic Gardens carpark
  • Clearing and grubbing, demolition and removal of existing structures such as stormwater pipes, kerb and gutter, retaining walls etc
  • Removal of existing topsoil and stockpiling for use in revegetation works
  • Ground surface treatment of embankment and cut foundations including subsoil drainage
  • Construction of roadway embankments including drainage blankets where required
  • Earthworks including excavation of cuttings, placing of general fill, management of any contaminated materials, disposal of spoil material as required, foundation treatments, placement of upper zone material using imported materials plus construction of controlled subgrade layer
  • Installation of stormwater drainage infrastructure including pipes, pits, headwalls etc
  • Installation of subsoil drainage
  • Construction of granular road pavement
  • Bitumen sealing
  • Construction of asphalt road pavement and wearing course
  • Construction of concrete elements including traffic islands, kerb and gutter, dish drains, footpaths and driveways
  • Removal of existing, storage and re-installation of guardrail as required